“Had my wedding band and engagement ring appraised here. They did a wonderful job. It was timely and my rings were kept safe during the time they were at the store. My family has bought jewelry from Keegan’s for years. I would highly recommend them.” 

– Christalina – Boston, MA

“Huge fan of this place. They have never steered my family the wrong way for years. They have handled situations in my family that were less ideal and made them into memorable experiences now full of smiles. They have treated my grandmother and mother with amazing respect and my father always turns to Keegan’s when shopping for something special. They transformed my grandfather’s wedding band into an amazing infinity necklace for my mother. The way they spoke to her about making it and they way they handled the piece of jewelry was fantastic. They listened and made perfect suggestions. This is a gem (no pun intended) of a place in Norwood and I am so happy it is here”

– Emily – Norwood, MA

“I had an excellent experience here.  I brought my engagement ring in as it desperately needed to be sized down.  I was apprehensive because I look young and assumed I would be treated like I was wasting their time.  Rachel immediately came to help me and she was amazing.  She was so nice and seemed genuinely thrilled about my engagement and talked to me like we were old friends.  She said it would take 7-10 business days.  I told her I was sad to be away from my ring that I just got for so long, so she wrote “ASAP – Newly engaged!” on the ticket.  I assumed it was just a gesture and that they weren’t actually going to rush anything, but I got a call 4 business days later that it was ready!  So I went to pick it up and was helped by Stephen and he was great too.  He made jokes while still being completely professional and also looked at a few pieces I brought in looking to sell.  I had my friend with me who asked if he could size her finger real quick and he did it 100% accurately just by looking at it (which he confirmed with a sizer after).  He knows his stuff.
The whole experience was so comfortable and my ring looks brand new!  I plan on coming back for wedding bands”

– Rachel – West Newton, MA

“I try to support local businesses as much as I can and Keegan’s is definitely one deserving your support.  I went in with the large task of buying an engagement ring and the staff was incredibly helpful.  I thought the process would be a long, arduous one, but it turned out to be a very simple, easy visit.  I found the perfect ring and I have to give all the credit to Keegan’s.  Put your trust in them and they will take care of you!”

– Chris – Weymouth, MA